Issachar Miron

Eighteen Gates Of Jewish Holidays

Introduction: Elie Wiesel

Artwork: Arthur Szyk

Epilogue: Rabbi Irving Greenberg

"From My Angle": Hayim Hefer

18 Gates Of Jewish Holidays and Festivals is a

celebration of Jewish life by the prize-winning

composer, conductor, director

and poet Issachar Miron.

Currently In The Works:

Issachar Miron

Secrets Of The Unseen

This book featuring photos and poems, visually integrates the material and the supernatural, relating to that which is not human as though it were. It endows the inanimate with human attributes and virtues, mostly drawn from the fantasies of my own never-seeming-to-grow-old childhood. Then with some inherent curiosity, all these “secrets” projected on the screens of your mind, virtually leap to your eyes revealing in their fullness and in detail what might have otherwise remained as the unseen concealed even under your reflector’s brightest beam ... Read More

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